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Seamless Gutters

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Seamless gutters are a type of rain gutter systems that are typically made-on-site using a gutter machine. As the name implies, a seamless gutter is a type of gutter with no seams. They are custom-made and manufactured as one long-piece and not in sectional pieces with breakpoints like standard gutters. This offers some unique advantages over regular gutter systems.

Installing a seamless gutter system

The major difference between a regular gutter system and a seamless gutter is how they are made and installed. Seamless gutters are typically made on-site by our gutter experts using a gutter forming machine and are then installed securely to the side of your roof in one continuous run rather than in sections. Sectional gutters are usually made from plastic or vinyl. Seamless gutters are commonly made from materials like aluminum, copper, and galvanume. These materials can be easily made into roll forms and installed as a single roll. Regular sectional gutters come in sections that are joined during the installation process. The joints are then mitered sealed with caulk seals to prevent leaks.

Seamless gutters vs standard gutters

It's common for homeowners to ask for which is better between a standard gutter system and a seamless gutter. Generally, the lack of seams means the seamless gutter system is more prone to leaks than seamless types. This reduces the cost and stress of maintenance as well. Seamless gutters are also stronger and sturdy and are generally less susceptible to damages than regular gutters. Seamless gutters are also better in terms of ease of installation since they come in one single piece. However, the major downside to seamless gutters is in the repair. While seamless gutters are less prone to damage, if damage does occur, they are more difficult to fix. For regular gutters, you can simply replace the damaged sections of the gutter system. For a seamless gutter, you may need to remove the entire system.

Cost comparison: seamless gutters vs standard gutters

A common point of comparison of seamless gutters with standard gutter systems is in the cost. Generally, regular sectional gutters are cheaper to install since they do not need to be custom-made. Seamless gutters have a higher upfront cost of installation. However, in the long run, you may find seamless gutters less expensive. To start with when you consider all the extra pieces that you need to add to a standard gutter like the caulking, the installation cost becomes a bit higher. Also, since seamless gutters require less maintenance, in the long run, you will end up spending more on cleaning and maintaining regular gutter than you would spend on a seamless gutter.

Size of seamless gutters

Typically, we seamless gutters come in two standard sizes. There is a regular 5-inch size and a larger 6-inch size. The 5-inch size is more popular although the 6-inch size is fast becoming popular as well. There may be larger sizes especially when it is being made fro industrial or commercial buildings. The 5-inch gutter is obviously smaller and thus, will hold less water compared to the 6-inch size. To determine which one is best for your home factors like the pitch of the roof, surface area, and roof-line will be put into consideration.

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