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Gutter Guards

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Gutter guards help to filter debris like shingle grit and leaves from entering into your rain gutter. This protects the gutter from getting clogs and prevents rain gutter damage. If you intend to install gutters for your roof, you should consider adding gutter guards to it. This is an important project that must be done correctly as an improperly installed gutter guard will cause problems down the road. Our gutter guard installation experts will ensure that your gutter is installed correctly so that you can get the best from your gutter for many years to come.

Types of gutter guards/cover

There are various types of gutter guards or gutter covers. Although they all serve the same purpose of keeping your gutter system debris-free, some work better than others and their system of operation differ:

  • Reverse curve / Helmeted guards: these types of gutter guards have a small slot on their vertical face which is designed to direct water flow down into the gutter system while preventing leaves and other debris from falling in.
  • Mesh: a mesh gutter guard is in the form of a mesh sheet that we attach to your roof shingles. It covers the rain gutter and the small holes allow water flow right through but keep the debris out.
  • Bottlebrush: these have large brush-like bristles that collect debris when they fall. Water flows down the gutter downspout but the debris is collected on top of the guard.
  • Vinyl Guards: vinyl guards fit into your gutter instead of being attached to the roof shingles. Water enters the gutter through recessed slots in the guard.

Other types of gutter guards include the foam guard and louver guard.

Prepping your gutter for gutter guard installation

When we arrive at your location to install a guard on your rain gutter we don’t just go straight to fitting the guard in. Our technicians take their time to clean your gutters and ensure that they are properly aligned towards the downspout. Installing gutters on a dirty or clogged gutter system will reduce the effectiveness of the guard. Only after this is done can we proceed to attach the guard to the fascia board of your roof.

Can i install gutter guards myself?

If your check online, you will probably find loads of tutorials and instructions about how to install gutter guards by yourself. However, this is not a move that is recommended for obvious reasons. While installing a gutter guard yourself will save you some installation cost today, if you don’t get it right the first time (which is likely since you know nothing about gutter guards), the damage that will be caused may end up being quite costly.

Professional gutter guard installation

In the end, the best way to have a gutter guard installed is to employ the service of a professional gutter guard installer. Our gutter guard installation is top-quality, properly installed and a lot more durable compared to trying to fix it yourself. We also offer a warranty over your gutter guard installation and any of our other installations. This way you can be sure that you have a properly installed and working system in place.

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